Sunday, 18 August 2019

Tools, Worms and Great Colour

Stunning exhibits on the Competition Table
For the August meeting we had almost as many apologies as attendees however, there was amazing exhibits on the competition table, interesting talk about worm farms and some pretty useful tools shared.

CHGC Member Mary gave a very interesting talk on how she looks after her worm farms, the uses for the castings and what she does with the worm wee that they produce.

Mary said that there will be a segment on an upcoming Gardening Australia program, when this is aired it'll be shared to this page for your interest.

Mary is very particular about her worms so there couldn't be a better person to give this talk. She has committed herself to giving talks each month on our Flower of the Month - the membership are very happy to hear all about that.

We also had a show and tell on gardening tools - Mary was first showing this rather odd looking weeder. Apparently you insert the prongs over the weed, push down on the leaver with your foot and the prongs grasp the weed, give it a yank and out comes the weed!

Anne Maree had this little tool which she uses to remove weeds in pavers or brick paths.

She just runs it along the groove and the weeds are dragged out - brilliant!

Next was President Margaret with her tool - with this she demolished practically a house, removed tiles and a myriad of other indoor type things. 

However, this tool has come into its own on the block where Margaret now resides. There are rocks, rocks and even more rocks which have all needed to be removed to create her lovely garden space. With this 'Jemmy' tool Margaret says it is an absolute gem to have on hand for the tough work of rock removal.

According to wikipedia this tool is called many things including a crowbar, wrecking bar, pry bar, pinch-bar, jimmy, jemmy, gooseneck or pig foot - take any name but it gets the job done.

Next was Ruth who said that this large spatula is not only good for flipping burgers on the BBQ but excellent for digging around plants to weed. 

The sharp edge is terrific also for loosening up soil too - so a multi purpose tool.

Robyn told us about her favourite tool but didn't bring it with her - perhaps if she is around for the next meeting she can bring it then when there will be another show and tell on tools - September meeting on the 21st.

See some of the stunning flowers and pots that were on the competition table. Just gorgeous!

Phil's beautiful Anthurium

Camellias, Azaleas and Magnolia

Always puts on a show - Primula

Vireya - just a single stem!

Brom, pristine condition

Apparently this was looking dead last year,
some TLC and just look at it!

Lovely collection

Ever popular freesias

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