Saturday, 8 June 2019


Flower of the month - June 2019

KINGDOM: Plantae

FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae 

GENUS: Euphorbia 

SPECIES:  Many. including the weed, Painted Spurge (Euphorbia cyathophora).

The most readily identifiable poinsettia is the red one (pictured above) we see at Christmas time but we all know that it really flowers in our winter and it is only available at Christmastime by virtue of some sneaky greenhouse trickery to make the plants believe it is really wintertime. 

Jane did an excellent presentation in June 2016 on Poinsettias and can be seen here.

Other beautiful ones that can be seen around Coffs are the really pretty pink one and the cream coloured one. 

For some really beautiful images and more information please visit Australian Handyman Magazine.

Painted Spurge (pic below) has taken over many coastal areas around Coffs.  It is a garden escapee that is a nasty.

On our recent May outing we saw a stunning Poinsettia growing on the side of the road near the roundabout heading towards Bellingen - a real beauty.

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