Thursday, 28 March 2019

Korora & Sapphire Beach 28 March 2019

This outing saw us in only two suburbs of Coffs Harbour - Korora and Sapphire Beach.

Aquaponics and then a beautiful cottage garden at Korora, those threatening clouds didn't eventuate into anything major, so we had perfect weather for our garden viewing.

We even slipped in an extra garden down the road from the cottage garden. AND for just a very few members they even saw another stunning back garden in the same street, so five gardens in all for the day - what a treat.

On to Sapphire Beach where we saw CHGC member Anne's lovely garden. People were especially interested in the Tuberose which had pride of place. 

 Beachstone Cafe must have been very, very pleased to see us today as there was certainly a huge line up of people attending the lunch.
Thanks once again to Marg F. for organising such interesting destinations for our outing today. 

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