Thursday, 28 February 2019

Corindi - Ranges, Blueberries, Seascapes, Plants & Companionship

Our Garden Clubs of Australia motto of 'Friendship through gardens' really lived up to itself today with the combined Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour Garden Clubs' outing to Corindi. 

Corindi (which is pronounced Cor-in-dye' according to long time residents) was also known as Pipeclay Beach until its name change in 1954. Corindi means 'grey' in local indigenous language referring to the pipeclay on the beach. Today Corindi is better known for blueberry farming with immense farms to the west and north west. At this February 2019 outing we had the pleasure of travelling through some of these pristine farms - some of us more so than others as we got LOST....... Did you know they are now growing blueberry bushes in pots? That was one observation today on our intrepid journey in Upper Corindi.

The first destination was off Red Range Road, Upper Corindi and was a vast acreage garden with the most amazingly beautiful outlook.

In the image on the top left is a Boab tree and yes, with all that lovely foliage growing atop. This garden is maintained by some very neat folk - just take a look how the stakes are stored. Pineapples abounded edging the paths throughout the orchard.

The second garden visited in the village of Corindi was a normal sized town block. This gardener was just so generous and wanted any of the members to take cuttings of anything in her garden. Her love of her 'space' was evident in her enthusiasm and willingness to share.

Lunch was quite a very tasty and most welcomed break in our garden journey, such interesting food and enjoyed by the members.

After lunch we went off to Corindi Public School where the kids are doing some fantastic work in their kitchen garden. Each week they take it turns to spend time both in the kitchen cooking and in the garden. They use produce that the school has grown in their raised gardens beds for their cookery lesson. 

Our outings coordinator Marg did the honours of reading out the briefing before we could move throughout the School and grounds. 

Thanks goes of course to the wonderful gardeners who opened their gates to allow the two clubs to visit and also the Corindi Public School for allowing us to see what the kids are up to in their garden. Margaret Franks as usual did so well to find such interesting destinations for our outing, thanks Marg.

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  1. Great day out, thanks to the organizers and to those who opened up their gardens. Enjoyed being lost with Gardening friends and well done to No Man's Land Corindi, super food!