Saturday, 17 November 2018

2018 AGM Results

Meeting Competition Table, Vegetables and Fruit
Well done to the outgoing committee and role members who have excellently paved the way for the incoming people to crack on in 2019 and thanks to those who will continue as they have in 2018.

Congratulations go to the following:


Vice President: Sue Young
Treasurer/Public Officer: Tom Ely
Secretary: Maria Bell and Anne-Maree Ely will be the Minute Secretary

Committees deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Club:

Program Committee: 
Outings - Margaret Franks & Carol Harris.
Speakers - Kevin Sheedy

Spring Garden Committee: Pat Roser, Maria Bell, Anne-Maree Ely, Tom Ely, Barbara Porteous, Kevin Sheedy and Margaret Crawley.

Other Voluntary Club Roles:

Website & Facebook Coordinator: Maria Bell
Newsletter Editor: Sue Young
Publicity & Media Officer: vacant 
Coffs Show Flower & Garden Section Chief Steward: Margaret Franks
Catering Committee: Margaret Crawley (Co-ordinator), Anne-Maree Ely, Janny Hoy, Jeannine Young
Raffle & Attendance Book: Peter Kimber
Trade Table Organiser: Jim Baldi
Guest & New Member Welcomer: Barbara Porteous & Maureen Stokes
Airport:  Peter Kimber
Bunnings BBQ Organiser: Simon Young
Competition Table Judges: Margaret Franks, Ruth Reynolds, Simon Young with the help of a CHGC member Guest Judge each month
Competition Table Setup: Janny Hoy, Ruth Reynolds, Jeannine Young

The full Annual Report can be seen here and to see a message from our Patrons see here. 

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