Saturday, 1 September 2018

Territorial or Mating ritual?

Australian Geographic have an excellent guide to Australian Skinks.

Lets face it, most of us have Skinks in our yards - however, due to their shy and timid nature (and very quick reflexes) we usually only see them dashing for cover.

Skinks create nests in moist soil under objects in the garden. Females lay about five eggs each (sometimes in a communal nest which can hold dozens of eggs). The eggs look like mini chicken eggs but are soft and rubbery. They become enlarged as they absorb moisture from the surrounding soil. 

Skinks LOVE a place to sunbake, eating yummy things like insects - crickets, moths and cockroaches are their favourites. They love a safe hiding place which can be gained quickly from their sunbaking spot eg logs, small bundles of sticks and dense ground cover.

They DON'T LIKE their eggs being dug up, cats and dogs, and birds who see them as a quick and easy snack. In our backyard the Kookaburras give them a real hammering. 

By providing them with safe passage to water is important - place a stick into a water bowl so they can easily navigate their way to and from the water.

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