Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Best Kerbside Appeal

Sometimes folk just don't like the idea of having people wandering around their garden however feel very proud of their achievements in creating a garden that brings them much joy and delight and would enjoy the opportunity to share that with passersby.

This year for the first time Coffs Harbour Garden Club's Spring Garden Competition has an ideal category for these gardeners - Best Kerbside Appeal Garden. This category is the only one throughout the entire competition where the judges DO NOT enter the garden. The judges will do their assessments from a distance, namely the kerb.  The same judging criteria is used as with the majority of other categories that is: Design, Plant Selection, General Appeal and condition of lawn or other non garden-bed element.

There has been feedback from previous competitions that there are many non ambulant people who really appreciate and love gardens but are just not able to cope with uneven surfaces, inclines or steps and so miss seeing some decent Coffs Harbour area gardens, as often it's the back garden that holds reign on the beauty stakes of winning gardens. 

This category has been established specifically so people can take a drive over the weekend of Sat 22 and Sun 23 September and look at a couple of lovely appealing gardens from the road. Just perfect for taking Mum and/or Dad for a drive!

If more information is required please visit the club's website or call either Pat 6690 2511 or Maria 6656 2429.  


  1. Do you offer any practical support?

    1. In what regard Roy's Farm?

      You can see some very general hints to prepare for the competition at this link:

      Hope this has helps.

  2. Thanks. i will contact with Pat.