Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Semi-Shade for Herbs

Perhaps here on the Coffs Coast we need to grow some of our herbs in semi-shaded positions to extend their harvest. This is most certainly the case for potted herbs - they can really get heat affected during hot days.

Some classic shade loving plants:

Basil - can be extended by growing in semi-shade and interestingly, it is tastier!

Chives - also a good one to have on hand and they don't mind a shaded position.

Coriander - this one is best grown in the winter here on the Coffs Coast, however if you want to give it a shot over the summer put in a really shaded area in your garden.

Ginger - will take some semi-shade as well as sunny positions. We have some that is huddled up against some Turmeric and they seem to get along quite well.

Horseradish can really take off.... so best to grow in deep pots.

Lemon balm - this is a relative of mint and doesn't mind being in semi-shade.

Lemongrass - will grow in either position, full sun or semi-shade however it does require regular watering.

Mint - everyone knows that these do well under a dripping tap but also tolerate shade very well. Best not to grow in the garden as mint can be a dominate plant!

Oregano - Golden, this one is more shade tolerant than ordinary oregano.

Parsley - both curly and Italian both grow well in a semi-shaded position and don't bolt to seed so readily.

Tarragon - French, this herb enjoys early morning sun to perform well.

Thyme - this little beauty can be tolerant of both sun and semi-shade, simply a must!

Wasabi - why not give this one a shot, interesting and fun, grate to make your own wasabi paste.

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