Monday, 18 December 2017

Queens Baton Relay

Coffs Harbour Garden Club successfully nominated long standing member Peter Kimber to participate in the Baton Relay in Coffs Harbour. 

If you would like further details about the Queen's Baton Relay please visit the following links:

Route of the relay

View batonbearers

Coffs Harbour relay detail

Pete will take up the baton at approximately 5 - 5:15pm on Thursday 1 February and take it along Harbour Drive for around 250 metres.

The best place to nab a spot in support of Pete would be around 258 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour.

16 January:
More on this post - Peter has been training really, really hard - so much so he has lost a whopping 15kg!

If you intend supporting Peter could you take some snaps so they can be posted here please.


  1. The picture is good but the text is a little short and doesn't entirely satisfies the reader's requirement. The writer shows promise and he should write more.

  2. Hi Maria. I saw the terrific post from this morning about Peter's preparation but delayed my comment while I considered what to say about the other comments. The post appears to have been removed. I'm glad the CHGC has given Peter this opportunity. It is a shame that the only other comments have been negative. I could say more about them but better not.

    1. Hi Michael, Pete has done an amazing job to prepare for his run with the baton - even had a training program sorted out with his grand-daughter over the Xmas holidays! To lose 15kg is an awesome effort (wished I could do that).
      Cheers, Maria