Monday, 11 December 2017

How About This for a Tomato Plant?

How's this for a tomato plant? 'The Robs' must have been paying attention to Tino from Gardening Australia to grow this 2.4 metre beauty (and it's still growing).

Perhaps we can convince them to save some of the seeds to share with other Coffs Harbour Garden Club members.

A pretty cottage garden in the Walcha area. This area has a huge reputation for good gardens. It DOES get very cold with heavy frosts during the winter so there are some glorious deciduous trees and shrubs to be seen. A great place to visit.

A close of the 'Gardener Doll' looking a picture among the flowers.

'The Robs' do a lot of travelling and these Giant Grass Trees were seen between Emmaville and Ashford in the Northern Tablelands of NSW.

Thank you for sharing your photos.

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