Saturday, 28 October 2017

It's Time to Make a Commitment

Membership of CHGC involves not just paying the annual fee. The following are just a few reasons why we might belong to our garden club.

  • New to the Coffs Harbour area and/or are unfamiliar with Sub-tropical gardening.
  • Looking to gain knowledge of best garden practice from perhaps more experienced gardeners.
  • Personal circumstances now allow more time to fulfil a garden passion.
  • Want to have some fun and make new friends.
  • Would like to foster a new interest and knowledge through gardens and gardening.
  • Are unfamiliar with Coffs and would love the opportunity to visit some lovely gardens, other district attractions and locations.
  • Looking for something which will enhance self-worth by sharing your attributes, knowledge or life skills with others. 
  • 'Give back' to the community by making a committed effort in a club that is not a service club but one which nonetheless is devoted to making a difference to the wider local area. 
  • Seeking social interaction and engagement with other people with a common interest.
  • To strive to keep an active lifestyle and nimble mind by experiencing physical and mental stimulation.

It doesn't really matter why we've joined CHGC, it does matter however that we are all proactive as club members in the development, growth and participation in all club activities. We are a diverse and very talented group of people who are drawn together for one main objective and that is (as our motto says), 'Friendship through gardens'.

Our AGM is coming up next month so please consider stepping forward to take on any of the many functions, activities or roles within CHGC. By having 'new faces' we are ensuring that there is vibrancy, enthusiasm and a shared load of responsibility throughout our membership, and please do not be shy! If there is anything you'd like to know about a particular role do not hesitate to contact either Sue or Jane - if they don't know they will put you in touch with someone who will, their contact details can be found in CHGC Newsletter.

Often members become complacent and leave the running of the club to the same few people year after year because they are doing such a brilliant job. 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' type of mentality that perhaps needs to be redressed. It's not that these people think they are the only ones who can get the job done, it's been more a case of no-one else offering to help! 

For the last twelve months we've basically had a shared responsibility for the role of President which seems to have worked. We've also for a few years now had the role of Treasurer a shared one with Anne-Maree and Tom doing a stellar job of keeping the accounts and maintaining the so important members list. So it's evident that even in major Executive roles the load can be divided. It follows then, that to divvy up some of the duties from other roles within the club should be a breeze.

To take on a meeting day role (for instance) it's NOT necessary to be in attendance at every meeting, however it is your responsibility to find someone else who can deliver on the day. This is where it can be a fantastic idea to have a buddy (or buddies) to share that responsibility - for instance the setting up of the meeting room, competition table judging and presentations at meetings etc etc. It is a given of course, that communication with other team players is vital so there is no scrambling from the Executive trying to find someone else to pick up the slack at short notice.

Some of the responsibilities/roles within CHGC are:

  • meeting room set up/break down
  • set-up/break-down of the competition table
  • competition table steward
  • competition table Judges
  • afternoon tea setting up
  • afternoon tea team member
  • laundering the table cloths and tea towels
  • washing up
  • airport garden maintenance team member
  • BBQ co-ordinator
  • BBQ helper
  • garden competition sub committee member
  • gardener's diary - meeting presentations
  • meeting concierge - raffle, attendance book
  • new member/guest welcomer
  • newsletter editor
  • programme committee team member
  • publicity officer
  • Public Officer
  • Show Society representatives
  • Coffs Show steward
  • trading table set up/break down
  • trading table contributor
  • web administrator

Please don't be daunted by this exhaustive missive..... There is an urgent need for members to take stock and just think how they could possibly contribute to the successful running of the CHGC so at the AGM there are not those dreaded 'pregnant pauses'. Discuss things with your friends or other members on how you could perhaps become a committed team player.

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