Monday, 11 September 2017

Presentation Night Set Up

This is the time that CHGC Members' talents shine! The Presentation Night at the Cavanbah Centre for the 2017 Spring Garden Competition is being held this Friday 15 September commencing at 7pm.

However, there is a bit to do before we welcome our very hard working Coffs regional gardeners to this event. President Sue will be at the Hall from 4pm and this is when we need folk to arrive with:

  • their large vases 
  • flowers and foliage
  • willing and creative hands to do the arrangements
  • folk to heft 100 chairs and about 10 tables into position
  • some muscles to help transfer plants
  • assist with the transfer of trophies from the car park to the hall

Also needed are people to start preparing for the 'best old fashioned' supper in Coffs! What needs to be remembered is, as we have a 7pm kick off most people haven't had dinner (who keeps nursery meal times?). Therefore the club likes to provide substantial snacks for the attendees to have at the conclusion of the presentation. Food should be dropped off at 6pm so things can be organised before the presentations actually commence.

We need folk to help organise the kitchen/supper with Margaret Crawley:

  • storing food as it arrives in the fridge
  • filling the juice jugs
  • setting out cups, tea, sugar, coffee
  • filling the urns
  • arranging food onto platters
  • crank up the dishwasher (which takes hours to get primed for action)
  • wrangle the gas oven & pie warmer
  • heat up the pizzas for the workers
  • table cloths on the supper tables after the creative ones have finished doing their beautiful arrangements
What is also very helpful is to bring along your own platters/plates to serve the food on and label with your name. 

Margaret has found in the past that dips don't seem to 'cut the mustard' at this supper but savoury and sweet finger food certainly does!

At the conclusion of the evening everything at the Cavanbah has to be left as we found it, so if we have a good team of willing helpers this can be achieved in super-quick time. 

This event is the most important social event in the CHGC calendar and a wonderful time for all members to meet and work as a team to culminate in our biggest community engagement commitment.

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