Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Floral Art

The NSW Floral Art Association are hosting floral art Demonstrations, Workshops and Competitions from Thursday 2nd Nov - Sat 4th Nov at Gladstone. 

Renowned floral artist, Judith Little will be giving demonstrations and workshops. Judith has been involved in Floral Art for many years, she is a member of the Queensland Floral Art Society and is currently their Judges Convenor. Judith is also a member of the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW and the NSW Floral Art Association. Judith has studied under Mark Pampling for four years at TAFE in Queensland and is a qualified RHS and NSW Floral Art Judge. She has competed successfully Nationally and Internationally in competitions.

This might be a fantastic opportunity to meet members of the NSW Floral Art Association and learn more about the group as well as see some stunning creations and perhaps even compete yourself! This event is a must for anyone who is at all interested in floral art.

Registration & Class entries no later than Friday 27th October would be appreciated.

Please send Registration & Class entries to:
Ray Bradley,   (T)   02 4861 4090   (E)   rbb1945@bigpond.net.au

Mary 0419 466 751 maryswee45@gmail.com
Anne Deveridge 6566 5233 stananne@bigpond.net.au   
Anne Kennedy 6565 0153 capeview@westnet.com.au

Members and visitors are invited to attend
on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November 2017
  at Gladstone Hall, 5, Kinchela St, Gladstone NSW

“Floral Magic on the Mighty Macleay”

THURSDAY 2nd November
2pm - 6pm       Staging of classes 1-6
5.30pm            NSWFAA Judges meeting
6pm                 Welcome BBQ at Memorial Park – walking distance – opposite the Hall next to the 
                         Macleay River              

FRIDAY 3rd November
7am – 8.30am  Staging of classes 1-2-3-4-5-6 (all classes 70cm bench width and height unlimited))
                        (except class 4 – floor space allowed 1 metre – height unlimited)
Judging will commence at 8.45am

Class 1            Bridging the Gap
Class 2            Free Form – AFAA Design Style Page 50 **see notes Rule 18 below**
Class 3            Rustique
***Class 4      Minimal Materials for Maximum Effect.
Floor space allowed 1 metre - height unlimited.  May be exhibited by 1 or 2 people. Please supply own staging. This class is limited to the first 6 entries.

Class 5            Culinary Capers        
Class 6            What a Load of Rubbish

 9.30 - 10.00    Morning Tea  
10.00 - 10.15   Opening and Welcome by NSWFAA President
10.15 - 12.15   Workshop with Judith Little
12.30 – 1.00    Judges comments/analysis of exhibits
  1.00 -  2.00    Lunch  
  2.15 -  3.15    Fun Impose – with members and friends. To be staged and judged by popular vote on
  3.30 - 4.30     NSWFAA General Meeting
                        If time permits - Staging Classes 7-11    
  Exhibits may be removed at 3.30pm, or remain on display for Saturday.  Exhibitors are requested to check with the Committee before removing their exhibits.
  5.30pm          Garden visit to Anne Deveridge’s garden at 41 Cooper St, South West Rocks -                                      followed by a
  6.30pm          Friendship Buffet - Please BYO drinks – food will be supplied.      

SATURDAY 4th November
7.00 – 8.30 Staging of classes 7 –11 (all classes 70cm bench width - height unlimited - excepting class 8)
Judging will commence at 8.45am

Class 7                Fascinating Forms
Class 8                Elongated – bench width 80cm- height unlimited 
Class 9                Weaving Ways        

Class 10              Treasure/s of the Earth
Class 11              Beach Combing

10.00               Opening and Welcome by NSWFAA President
10.15 - 11.45   Demonstration by Judith Little
12.15 - 12.45   Competition hints/Class Interpretations/Q&A

Followed by Judges comments/analysis of exhibits

1.00 - 2.30       Lunch
2.30                 Close

Registration & Class entries no later than Friday 27th October would be appreciated.
Please send Registration & Class entries to:
Ray Bradley,   (T)   02 4861 4090   (E)   rbb1945@bigpond.net.au
Enquiries: Mary 0419 466 751 maryswee45@gmail.com Anne Deveridge 6566 5233 stananne@bigpond.net.au   Anne Kennedy 6565 0153 capeview@westnet.com.au

Bench space: Width 70cm Height unlimited except Class4 and Class 8    
All classes have grey material on the bench.   Exhibits may be brought in ready for staging.
All exhibits judged from both front and sides.
Friday registration for Workshop NSWFAA Members - $20  Non Members - $25.
List of workshop materials will be sent on registration.
Daily Morn/Afternoon teas and Lunch $15.00 per day. 
Saturday Morning Demonstration, Morning Tea & lunch - Members - $20 Non Members - $25
Visitors viewing exhibits only – gold coin donation
Friendship Dinner $10 to be paid at Anne’s Garden

1.      An exhibit is made of plant material, with or without accessories, within a space specified in the Show Schedule.
2.      The use of artificial plant material is forbidden.
3.      Fresh plant material must be in water or in water-retaining material unless such material remains turgid throughout the event.
4.      Painted and/or artificially colored plant material may be used.
5.      Plant material must predominate over all other components of the exhibit.
6.      Judges decision is final and no correspondence with be entered into.
7.      Exhibits must be the individual competitor’s own work.
8.      Drapes, bases and accessories may be used.
9.      All class entries to be received by Friday 27th October 2017 to:
Ray Bradley,   (T)   02 4861 4090   (E)   rbb1945@bigpond.net.au
All acceptances will be acknowledged by email/post, with further details where applicable.
10.  Competitors are requested to ensure that no water damages the floor and that worksheets are used on the floor at all times during staging.
11.  Competitors must place own debris in plastic bags and remove the same to designated disposal areas.
12.  NO AEROSOL/SPRAY painting permitted in the venue or environs.
13.  A design must not be changed in any way after it is judged.
14.  NSWFAA does not accept liability for any loss or damage.
15.  Competitors may use own bases and backing in stated staging areas but no attachment to any part of the room.
16.  Exhibits will be marked “Not According to Schedule” if they are out of the Class allotted space.
17.  Judging will be in accordance with the AFAA Manual.
18.  **Free Form AFAA Design Style Page 50 under moderns. A Free Style type of design of continuously flowing lines, actual or implied, with no straight or angular lines in flowers or outline and no stoppage points to arrest the eye movement.  It is of radial construction, of non-geometric shape.  Manipulated material may be used to create an interesting modern outline.  Pointed materials, such as roses, tulips, calla lilies and others with malleable stems are suitable to flow in rhythm with the outline.
19.  The Show Committee reserves the right to take entries past the date stated.
20.  No photographs may be transmitted to electronic media prior to judging.

21.  Competitors should make themselves aware of locally listed Noxious Weeds, Weeds of National significance, National Environmental Alert List Weeds and Water Weeds. Details including Noxious Weeds in the Kempsey Shire can be found at this site.

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  1. I am amazed to see the beauty of nature! Frangipani is one of those beautiful plants which rarely found here in Pakistan but are so refreshing to see.