Thursday, 31 August 2017

Italian Tomatoes

The meaning for tomato in Italian, is 'golden apple' because most tomato varieties were yellow to start off and the red tomato is a 'relatively' new development. The botanical name is Lycopersion meaning 'wolf peach' most probably because it is closely related to the nightshade plant. It is a native of America, and is grown and consumed throughout the world and forms the key ingredient in many dishes both raw and cooked.

The term "determinate" is used to indicate that the plant stops growing when it terminal flower cluster develops often called bush tomatoes. "Indeterminate" are those that just keep on growing until they are killed by frost or some other external agent. They are most commonly staked and pruned. 

Italian heirloom tomatoes reflect their end use with large salad varieties, and those with plum shaped fruits are better suited to making puree (passata) and drying. No other vegetable is as versatile and it is without doubt one of the most important ingredients in Italian cooking.

If you are looking to purchase good Italian tomato seeds this is a really good website to trawl through to find the perfect one to grow in your garden during the coming summer months.

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