Friday, 9 June 2017

Rocket Launch

The schools' vegetable growing competition has taken off !!

Emails have been sent this week to ALL Coffs Regional Schools asking if they would like to participate in the rocket growing competition.

Each year, as an added element to the Spring Garden Competition, Coffs Harbour Garden Club conduct a vegetable growing competition for schools. Seeds are sent out to participating schools and it is up to Teachers and Students to integrate this into learning outcomes. 

CHGC are encouraging students to 'get their hands dirty' gardening, this shouldn't be too difficult as most schools have vegetable patches. The seed growing competition is judged before the main Spring Garden Competition and will happen during the week 4-8 September.

Mr Fothergill's Seeds are sponsoring this competition and Julie from Total Gardens has been in contact with the seed company and the seeds will be arriving shortly.

It is hoped that all responses from schools are in by the end of the current term so that the seeds can be dispatched in time for the new school term.

The growing of the rocket seeds will be a bit tricky as this leafy green has to be at its very best during judging week. It does have a very quick growth response. What has to be remembered though, is taste forms part of the judging criteria and big leaves aren't all that pleasant to eat. GIANT leaves are not the 'go', and with this in mind careful consideration must be taken when choosing the sowing time. Pictured left is rocket that has 'bolted' and is in flower - while these are still lovely to see in mixed salads, the leaves are not very palatable.

Good luck to all the participating schools in the Rocket Launch.

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