Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Long Walk

Roaming CHGC member Simon is still visiting England and he recently took a rather long walk through Windsor Great Park which is on the border of Berkshire and Surrey.  

Simon writes: 'If you don't mind a decent walk (20-25kms), there are some amazing tracks in and around the almost 5,000 acre Great Windsor Park south of Windsor. Today I walked out towards the Copper Horse via 'The Long Walk', left the western edge of the Great Park at Queen Anne's Ride, and explored the medieval Moat Park. The remains of ancient oaks marking the boundaries of this Park are still present. This shot above was taken from the ridge line south of Flemish Farm looking back to Windsor Castle. The outline of the castle is clearly visible in the centre of the photo.'

Ancient oaks marking the boundaries of Moat Park dating
back to the 1400s

Heading back to Windsor Castle via Queen Anne's Ride -
no sign of Queen Anne I'm afraid!

Thanks for sharing your walk with us Simon. 

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