Saturday, 27 May 2017

Best in Show?

When you hear or read the words 'Best in Show' at The Chelsea Flower Show it would be fair to say it conjures up clever, innovative garden design that we, as humble little gardeners throughout the world can adapt and interpret in our own indomitable fashion.

Well, for this 'Best in Show - The M&G Garden' at Chelsea 2017 my imagination has come to a grinding stop!

image The Frustrated Gardener

I'm sorry, this is one design that undoubtedly can be left off my wishlist. Although (for our own interpretation) there are some redeeming attributes to this design:

  • At least there is no shortage of 'perches' for welcomed local bird life; and
  • Wallabys could be somewhat frustrated trying to make their way through all the limestone pillars for delicious tidbits, so the flora would be safe from the fauna!

It might just work for these two reasons alone. 

The Frustrated Gardener has written a fantastic article about this winning garden - it's a good read, with excellent images. What are your thoughts?


  1. My one and only visit to the Chelsea Flower Show was a huge disappointment. Some of the regulars we spoke to also agreed the 2017 Show was vastly different to previous years. The excessive crowds made viewing difficult and many of the competition gardens would have benefited from a liberal dose of glyphosate. Far too many vendors flogging silly stuff and a total lack of WOW! You'll get more ideas at the local nursery and it won't cost you 100 quid just to walk through the door.

    1. Thank you The Outstanding Wineman, it was good to have a fellow Aussie (who is also a friend) give some feedback from this show. As I have NEVER attended my opinion wouldn't really carry any weight I'd reckon. What I can give an opinion on however, is The Philadelphia Flower Show as I volunteered there a few years back and it was just amazing. This is the BIGGEST INDOOR flower show and the competitions were fantastic. Yes, there were commercial stands (and a lot of them) but they were down one end of this enormous venue so they didn't impact much if you didn't want them to. This is one for your lengthy bucket list Outstanding Wineman!