Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017

The Sydney Royal Flower and Garden Section is broken up into seven sessions, this means that many of the competitions change throughout the duration of the show every second day. The following images were taken on day two of the show (that is Session 1). On this day there were competitions in Dahlias, Floristry Students, National Floral Designer Competition, Schools Australian Native Flora Competition, Schools Vegie Gardens and TAFE NSW Floral Displays.

The Dahlia competition was a little down on previous years but this was due to the recent heavy rain which wrecked havoc with the blooms. The exhibits 'benched' on this day were just stunning.

On day one of the show there's a competition for Students currently enrolled in Certificate III in Floristry. This supervised Competition is conducted as a 'Surprise Box' where all the horticultural material, accessories and sundry items are provided to the competitors and are a complete surprise to the them. Their work kit is the only permitted item for the students to bring to the competition. They can use any or all of the materials included in the surprise box and they are given a theme to work with - this is notified at the commencement of the competition. 

It's amazing just how diverse the works are when one considers all the competitors are working with the same materials - it's all up to interpretation and individual imagination. 

Certificate III Floristry Students Surprise Box

The general theme throughout the Pavilion this year is 'Kaleidoscope of Colour'. There are many static floor displays fulfilling this brief with amazing use of colour. These static displays stay in situ throughout the whole show (14 days) so any flowers that deteriorate during this time are replenished each morning before the doors open to the public.

This image was taken before the Sydney Royal Florist Shop had set up.
Another massive static display
This certainly fulfilled the brief of 'Kaleidoscope of Colour'

The blue backed floor displays are part of the invitation only National Floral Designer Competition. Competitors are selected by a panel of judges based on their display concept sketch. The 'Kaleidoscope of Colour' was again the theme for this competition. These displays were judged by International renowned designer Gregor Lersch.

'Kaleidoscope of Colour' theme for Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017

The TAFE NSW designs were fantastic to see develop in the days leading up to the show. They are just terrific and there were many people taking photos to use for inspiration in their own gardens. These designs remain the same throughout the entire show.



In the Pavilion there is an opportunity for groups to have a stand to promote their interests and give information to the public.

Five Dock RSL Orchid Society - always a beautiful stand

The Australian Plants Society, just stunning and full of information!

Information on weeds - I was able to get more material to write further posts

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