Friday, 7 April 2017

Redlove Apple

image GardenDrum

This folks, is the VERY latest in APPLES! Yes, it does have the appearance of a rather nice looking plum but no, it's an apple. Doesn't it look fantastic? 

The journey from Kazakhstan has been a long one. The Redlove apple is the result of a twenty year labour of love from Markus Kobelt, a Swiss nurseryman who undertook the laborious task of cross-breeding until he achieved this wonderful result - now there's dedication and patience for you!

The Redlove apple has been released in Australia by Domus Nursery, not from Victoria or New South Wales as you would likely assume, but from a nursery in Western Australia. 

To read more about this fantastic release, see this article from Gardendrum's Sandy Lim. 

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