Friday, 3 March 2017

Korora and Sapphire Beach - March 2017 Outing

President Sue with Petra - Korora Basin gardener
Yes, it may have been a little steamy due to recent rain, but there was abundant sunshine for the CHGC March outing.

It was a day for umbrellas to help protect us from the sun and provide some welcome shade.

Our first stop was to a Korora Basin vast garden which was hugely successful in the 2016 Spring Garden Competition. 

Before construction of their home Petra and her partner Rob worked tirelessly to establish their garden. 

The last item on their checklist for their garden was the lawn and this established itself very well in the 8 months it has been insitu.

If you know Korora you will realise just how steep their block would be. 

There was massive earth works undertaken before anything else could be done. Embankments to the rear and front of the site were established to support a flat area for the house, lawn and vegetable gardens. The steep rear embankment was planted with native Poorinda Royal Mantle Grevillea.

Natives predominate in this garden however there are many other beautiful shrubs and trees.

The vegetable garden was so lush with bountiful veggies and herbs - a real gourmand's delight (who would worry if these were eaten in excess!).

A truly lovely garden to visit and thank you so much Petra for having the CHGC share your delightful garden.

A protected spot for some respite

The remainder of this outing will be added at a later time - have places to go, people to see and things to be done....... 

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