Thursday, 9 March 2017

Community Commitment Continuance from CHGC

Just who would have thought that Ian Kiernan's idea of having a dedicated clean up throughout Australia 27 years ago would have such longevity? 

This community involvement has been supported by our club every single year and the historical cemetery has been the recipient of this spruce up each March during the campaign. 

Cemeteries are part of our collective history and their gravestones tell the stories of people who once lived, worked, and loved in our community. Their lives have been memorialised by a few carved sentences or phrases, which often paint a poignant picture of their triumphs and sad losses in their lives. Coffs historical cemetery is no exception and IT IS an exceedingly interesting place to visit. What needs to be remembered though, it's all very well to leave floral tributes and other meaningful tokens of love to our departed loved ones at grave sites, but from a safety prospective the use of glass or breakable vessels is not the way to go. 

It has to be said though, that there are some cultures (including some Aboriginal burials) where glass is used principally to decorate graves, however there doesn't appear to be any of these at this cemetery. Run-down cemeteries are inherently unsafe spaces and just by visiting a cemetery for a stroll, a guided tour or researching for a family tree can be quite a risky excursion and Coffs historical cemetery doesn't deviate from this generalisation.

CHGC are doing a wonderful service to the community each year (with Pat at the helm for many years and now Peter for the last few) and this cemetery is a safer and more enjoyable place to spend time because of this clean up. Visitors, of course have to be mindful it is a historical site and there will be unsafe areas due to masonry collapse etc, but the glass issue is one where the garden club have come into their own by its removal.

Some of the CHGC team
This year there were seven members who joined in (and enjoyed!) the clean up - Peter, Cheryl, Laurie, Michael, Gavin, Janny and Maria. Thank you team CHGC, you did an excellent job once again.

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