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Getting Coffs Show Ready

Preparing Roses for the Show

Joyce Abounding - a beautiful Australian bred Miniflora

Judging of the flowers at the Coffs Harbour Show is 12 May 2017. If you wish to have a flush on your floribundas, minifloras and mini roses, this weekend (25/26 March) is when your bushes are pruned to have show ready blooms. The above rose types generally require 75-80 days to have a flower flush after pruning.  

Aotearoa (Maori for New Zealand) and means 'Land of the Long White Cloud' is a beautiful, richly fragrant Hybrid tea rose.
However, if you have hybrid tea and shrub roses to prepare for the show these need to be pruned 60 days prior - the 12th March.

These are 'general rule of thumb' number of days before a wanted flush, so it might be worth pruning some bushes a bit before these dates and some a little later so you might 'jag' some that are just right!

Preparing Pots for the Show

Snake plant

Have a good look at your pot plants and see if there are any that you might like to exhibit. Some points when showing pots:

  • All plants should be free from pests and diseases. So keep an 'eye' on your pots to make sure pests don't take a liking to your pots.
  • Foliage plants are judged on the quality and appearance of leaves and stems, so it might be best to keep up the maintenance on your pots, removing spent stems/damaged leaves early rather than just before the show when you run the risk of leaving a nasty raw looking wound.
  • With your flowering plants these might be a bit tricky to get 'show ready' in full bloom but it might be worthwhile to keep up the liquid fertiliser to keep the plant healthy, ready to burst out with wonderful blooms.
  • Your pot plant should be symmetrical in the pot, so remember to keep rotating to keep the plant growth even.
  • Have a good close look at your container.  Is it in proportion with the plant? If it is 'top heavy' it might be a good idea to repot your plant into a bigger one. In the image above the pot really complements the plant beautifully however, it is a little too tall in comparison with the overall height of the plant. Your container should complement the plant without drawing attention away from it (unless the schedule states a decorative pot with plant).
When competing in the Coffs Harbour Show (or any show for that matter) it is imperative that you read the schedule very thoroughly. There are very good guidelines written in the schedule and takes just a few minutes to familiarise yourself with what is required for any given class or section.

Good luck with your preparation!

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