Monday, 9 January 2017


Flower of the Month - January 2017

image from Organic Gardener Super Sunflowers by Jerry Colby-Williams
Sunflowers just make me happy.
They're bright, they're simple and
even if you have no artistic talent
you can still draw them.
Jerry Colby Williams of ABC
Gardening fame has written a great
article for sunflowers https://
He says, cultivars range in size from
less than a metre to giants over 3.5
metres. You can grow them for the
beautiful flowers but if you have an
area of garden to establish, their
strong roots will do the job of
breaking up clay soil, you can then
dig them in for instant green
If you are aiming for show-quality
flowers or a heavy seed crop, feed
plants with 2 handfuls of poultry
manure per sqm when the seedlings
are 15cm high, then keep on feeding
feeding feeding. They're hungrier
than teenagers.
Small packets of seed offer the
prettiest options but good old farm
produce stores sell seeds by the kilo
which will give you flowers by the
Sunflowers have their very own
place in the natural world. Here is
where they belong: Kingdom -
Plantae; Division - Magnoliophyta;
Class - Magnoliopsida; Order -
Asterales; Family - Asteraceae;
Genus - Helianthus; Species - annuus

From President Sue & Editor CHGC Newsletter

If you are really 'in to' sunflowers and are in or around Ballarat, Victoria on the 12th of February take the opportunity to visit the FleuroSun Sunflower Open Day. 

9:30-4pm Copsley Ornamentals Development Nursery, Ryans Road, Blowhard via Ballarat. 

Visit the 2ha field nursery and hybrid trial site, featuring more than 2000 plots and 400 sunflower hybrids in a range of colours.

These beautiful sunflowers were grown by Sue - well done, what beauties!

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