Monday, 12 December 2016

Rooftop/Courtyard Gardening

An article from GardenDrum written by Peter Nixon a landscape gardener in Sydney specialising in 'best fit', durable plants.

To read Peter's article please visit here. 

The principles for this rooftop garden can be applied elsewhere, for example in a courtyard situation. CHGC member Simon is very adept at doing just this, he created the most amazing garden in very shallow soil and the strategic placement of pots in a ground-floor apartment.

Following are photos of Simon's Sydney courtyard garden:

Simon has used an Azalea as a foil for his stunning Clivias on the deeply shaded southern side

A 'wintering' Silk tree which is ready to burst into spring foliage
 An interesting element of Simon's designs is the clever usage of decking to create both access and separation between different areas in his garden, without them being glaringly obvious.

Silk tree looking its stunning self
These vegetables are growing on the northern side of the apartment. All the gardens have been established (with the exception of the large inbuilt planters) on concrete, with a plastic grate for drainage, Geotextile barrier (a synthetic nonwoven needlefelt fabric which is flexible, porous to allow water flow without loss of soil) and 4"-5" of very good quality soil.

Some Vegetables sitting happily in the ornamental garden - note pots with herbs

This stunning corner was the outlook from the sitting room
Pots abounding in this garden to give good height definition and textural differences.

Thank you Simon for sharing your photos.

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