Monday, 28 November 2016

Vegetable Gardener's Diary from Simon - Corn

Simon's corn crop..... pretty awesome eh?

My Tips for a Successful Corn Harvest - Simon Young.

Sweet corn grows particularly well in our Coffs Harbour climate, and there’s nothing nicer than a freshly picked cob of corn for lunch, or some corn and zucchini fritters for breakfast.

Corn likes a well-drained soil, rich in organic compost. I generally prepare my corn bed immediately following the last of the winter harvest with the view to sowing in early September. However, you can sow right thru spring to early summer if you wish. 

I dig the bed over well, and add a generous amount of Yates Dynamic Lifter and a bag or two of Searles Organic Cow Manure. I generally add these after Jeannine has gone to work, as I have found it is easier to ask forgiveness than to seek permission!

Both the Dynamic Lifter and the cow manure are available at Total Gardens, and the cow manure is usually on special in early spring.

I prefer to grow corn from seedlings rather than seeds. I generally pack them in quite close as this helps the pollination process following flowering. It’s important to keep the water up right thru the growing period, particularly after the cobs start to form. Plenty of water will ensure that the kernels fill out to their maximum potential.

As the cobs take shape, you will notice the green hair protruding from the top. Did you know that each of these hairs is attached to a single corn kernel?

You will know when your corn is ready when all of the green hair turns brown all the way down to the roots. It’s important to check this carefully. If you harvest too early, the corn won’t be fully formed. And if you harvest too late, the corn will be starchy. And of course, if there are elephants in your garden checking the height of their eyes, that’s probably another good indicator that your corn is nearly ready.

Happy Gardening!

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