Saturday, 26 November 2016

Sausage Sizzle Fundraising Success

The sausages sizzling and the aroma of browning onions worked a treat to entice shoppers at Bunnings to pick up the odd sausage sanga today.

Thankfully there was a beautiful sea breeze to assist the tireless workers 'keep their cool' on a fairly warm early summer's day. The assembly line ran seamlessly under the efficient direction from 'BBQ King' Simon who organised this important fundraising activity - he's not sure just how he will get rid of the onion odour from his refrigerator though! Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated by Jeannine  ;-)

Thanks to the many willing members who assisted during the day, it was an awesome effort folks AND a lot of fun. 

Money raised at this BBQ is used to kick start our premier event of the year - the Spring Garden Competition. Whilst we get significant support for the Competition from our very generous sponsors and supporters, this community BBQ really helps in providing the Club with the essential cash that is needed to conduct the Spring Garden Competition as professionally as possible. 

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