Saturday, 26 November 2016

President's Message - November 2016

President Sue Young

Last Saturday Jane Durler and I tentatively put up our hands for the honor of being more involved in the Coffs Garden Club. It is just the beginning of our journey as P and VP and, with your help, we're looking forward to some laughter and good times ahead.

Well, here we are, and where to from now is still a bit of a mystery but with the steady influence of Michael, our secretary and Anne-Marie, our treasurer (ably assisted, of course, by Tom) and with all the help and suggestions that we know will be forthcoming from all club members, I'm sure we will find our way.

Vice President Jane Durler

The first thought that comes to mind in this new journey is to aknowledge the tremendous effort that Geoff and Maria Bell have put into the club over the last few years. As president, Geoff has been dynamic and passionate in his support of and work for the Club. These will indeed be large shoes to fill. We all know that Maria has been the power behind the throne. She has worked tirelessly in a number of roles including, newsletter editor, website organizer, publicity and media contact person and our general go-to-gal. Together, the Bells have made a significant contribution to the club and the wider Coffs community. So, thank you from all of us.

Jane and I look forward to 2017 - things to learn, people to meet, places to visit. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday season.

Sue and Jane

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