Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Lilium longiflorum - November Lily

Flower of the Month - November 2016

November lilies are known by different common names throughout the world. It is native to Southern Japan and Taiwan, where they grow in meadows and woodlands. They are fleshy bulbs and if you are looking for longevity in a cut flower, look no further than these beauties!

November Lily (or Christmas Lily down south) can grow from 50cm to 1m and have long, unbranched and erect stems above the ground from which the leaves originate. The leaves are a glossy dark green and are lance shaped. The flowers of this Lilium variety are pure white and trumpet shaped. There are six petals and flowers arise in clusters of 2-6 and are highly fragrant.

Lilium longiflorum prefer moist, humus rich soil which is well drained. They grow well in full sun or partial shade areas. During the growing season, the plant requires watering regularly and needs reduced watering during the dormant stage.

Propagation can be done either by bulblets or by seed. If using the bulblets bury them 10-15cm in the soil and they should be planted soon after dividing to prevent them from drying out. When propagating by seed, they should NOT be buried in soil, just scattered over the planting medium.

These lilies are generally resistant to pests - although the most common pests may be aphids which can be controlled with your preferred method.

Be mindful that November lilies are highly toxic to pets.

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