Sunday, 16 October 2016

President's Message - October 2016

Over the past three years, I have been asked on many occasions about what our garden club is and does.

The first thing I usually tell people is that it’s all about friendships developed through a common love of gardens and gardening. Our membership consists of people with a wide range of gardening interests and experience, and that is something to be highly valued, particularly when it is matched with their willingness to share ideas and knowledge. And when this is coupled with the opportunity to be involved in a diverse range of gardening-related activities, you have a vibrant club that caters for the needs of pretty well everyone interested in gardening.

As you would expect, Coffs Harbour Garden Club does many of the things that are common to a lot of garden clubs. For example, our members have the benefit of an interesting guest speaker program at our monthly meetings, where a wide range of garden-related topics are covered by experts. We are also well educated each meeting by volunteer club members on specific gardening topics. In addition, there is a program of visits to gardens in the Coffs Harbour region where our members can learn much about gardening in a sub-tropical climate, and where they are able to get some great ideas to apply in their own gardens. We have a competition table each month for those who enjoy sharing what they grow and comparing their efforts with those of other club members. And we have a trading table that not only provides  members with opportunities to acquire plants from other members at extremely good prices, but also helps fund our club.

Beyond our meetings, there are opportunities to contribute significantly to the Coffs Harbour community through the annual Spring Garden Competition; by supporting to the Coffs Harbour Show; by helping out with the maintenance of the Regional Airport’s airside garden; and by participating in Clean Up      Australia Day.

Clearly not every member wants to be involved in everything the club does, but I believe our club is greatly strengthened by the diversity of what it offers to members. It is this that makes us different from the various plant societies and community gardens, which do a great job in their own right. But I truly believe our offer of a broader gardening experience has been a very useful and constructive thing within the Coffs Harbour community for well over half a century, and I say long may that continue!

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