Friday, 8 April 2016

Why seeds fail and tips for success - GardenDrum

This last season there were a lot of seeds planted in our vegie patch. Visions of vegetables abounding and just how to use up the bountiful harvest were playing through our minds......... all to no avail. Yes, you've picked it in one - hardly any seeds germinated, a sad tale and a discouraging one too. The following GardenDrum article from Alice Spenser-Higgs just might shed some light and perhaps give a reasonable cause for our problem.

Why seeds fail and tips for success - GardenDrum: After sowing the seed for my new balcony garden, I had mixed results - some had 100% germination, other 80%, but the baby carrots failed. What went wrong?

At the end of the article Alice gives a terrific little tip to find out if seeds are viable or not - sprinkle some seeds on damp cotton wool or kitchen towel and mist them every few hours to keep them moist. If the small little growth tips haven't started to emerge in at least half of the seeds within three to four days, turf them out.  Sounds very interesting and may well be worth a try!

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