Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gardener's Diary - December 2015

Living on the Coffs Coast does present some challenges for gardeners. The most important thing is to choose the right plants to start off with and not try and grow things that really are not suitable for the subtropical garden. Once our gardens have established themselves we can give some (what would normally be) 'unsuitable' plants a try.  

Many natives do brilliantly here on the coast for instance - Casuarina, Leptospermum, Hakea, Westringea, Banksia integrifolia and Banksia serrata as do a number of the Grevillea family - Robin Gordon, Honey Gem and Moonlight. If you are near the beach the Pandanus is an absolute must. 
There are quite a few exotics that also do quite well and really complement these natives for example - Agave, Aloes, Bromeliads, Carex (a grass type plant), Coprosma, Cordylines, Gazania, Golden Candles, Hibiscus, Ixoras, Justica carnia, Poinsettias, Metrosideros, Oleander, Phormium, Statice, Strelitzea, and of course heaps of succulents.

Most gardens create their own micro climates - either with large canopy trees or thick hedges. Over time (as trees and shrubs grow), micro climates often change so there may be some losses or some plantings that become too successful so some adjustments and changes have to happen.

For the Coffs Coast, fertilizing with slow release pellets particular to your plantings and good mulching are a must as heavy summer rains leach nutrients from the soil. 

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