Saturday, 23 May 2015

Gardeners' Diary - May 2015


Flanders Poppy seeds in an open sunny area.
Summer flowering bulbs such as agapanthus, clivia, pampas lily, calla, society garlic, ilium and vallota.
Sweet peas, an all time favourite, even though they don't flower for long in Coffs.
Nasturtiums, terrific for ground covering suppression of weeds and as a culinary herb.
Seed producing native grasses or small flowering natives to provide habitat for birds and insects.
Spring onions and chives.
Broad beans, plant direct and harvest from September.
Peas, plant successive weeks as they only crop for around 4 weeks.
Coriander, keep planting to have successive crop.


Take 20cm semi-hardwood cuttings from butterfly bush to give away to friends.
Lift, divide and replant daylilies into enriched soil - trim tops and roots before replanting. This method can also be used for agapanthus.


Cut off all the dead material from your asparagus clumps, if you are likely to forget where they are positioned, put a stake beside them and label.
Tip prune passionfruit vines to promote lateral growth and more flowers.
Bottlebrush, if you haven't yet given them a tidy up, remove old flowers before they go to seed.

Native fuchsia Correa spp. A light trim as they finish flowering to encourage dense growth, apply some native fertilizer at the same time.
Inspect tea tree  and melaleuca for webbing caterpillars, which resemble very dense spider webs. Prune the affected leaves and put them in your green waste bin.


Be diligent with your citrus and leaf miner, cut off the affected leaves and apply white oil weekly for three weeks to bark and leaves.

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