Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gavin's Beautiful Bali Hut, Grafton Outing, Armidale & Uralla Trip And Grafton Outing 2013

Gavin's Beautiful Bali-Style Paradise


These photos have been submitted by Bob Tarry



Bank & Residence - 'The Garden at Geall'

some flowers No. 1

Some flowers No. 2

Interesting stuff - note how the fence has been cut to go over the big rock; every bloke's dream of the outdoor kitchen; Thunderbolt's grave site (although it has been said this is not correct); some beautiful paving from the front gate.

Grafton Road-trip

Dawn, Marie, Joanne, Brenda, Jeffery, Helen, Bev

Mary, Patty & Joan

Pat, Anne, Pat, Jenny

Jane, Don, Gavin & Geoff

Gavin, Helen, Anne, Pat, Patty


Joanne, Don & Bev

Ray, Wendy & Jane - looking pensive

Joan, Mary & Patty

Marie & Dawn

Kel clearing the table - watch out  RSL staff, you could lose a job

Margaret, Pat, Margaret & Anne

Brenda & Jeffery

Gavin & Mary

Bill & Helen

Pat & Trish

The throng - Ray you're not asleep are you?

Don, Geoff, Joanne & Bev

Margaret, Margaret, Kel & Anne

What a wonderful day we had - thank you folks for making it so special.

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