Thursday, 1 May 2014

President's Message - May 2014

Many members have given me positive feedback recently about the increase in the gardening content at our monthly meetings.  It’s great to hear this, because we are, after all, a garden club and we need to be talking about gardening.  But our meetings are only part of what the club does when it comes to gardening information and advice.  Here are a few examples of what I mean:

· The monthly outings that our hard-working Program Committee organise on our behalf take us to some wonderful gardens all around the Coffs Coast region where we can learn a massive amount from the work of fellow gardeners.

· We have a fantastic website which contains a wealth of information as well as links to other sites where people can get more information on gardening.

· There will shortly be opportunities to attend special workshops on topics of interest.  This is a new initiative of the club (thanks to Bob), and is something we will continue to develop when there is significant interest in a particular area.  The first of these workshops will be held later in the year on orchids.  Other possible workshops are already on the drawing board.

· Our competition table provides examples of the wonderful gardening expertise of our members.  Check out who is exhibiting fine specimens of what you’re interested in and ask them about how to grow plants of the same quality yourself.

· We have a wealth of experience in our club on all types of gardening with people only too happy to share their expertise.  All you need do is ask.

· Our newsletter contains things like brief cultivation notes on the Flower of the Month, a variety of gardening tips and club happenings.  And of course I must mention the horticultural quiz – how many questions did you get right last month?

So I encourage everyone to take full advantage of what the club offers.  Go on the outings, enter the competitions, attend a workshop, share your expertise, contribute ideas and the time to bring these to reality.  In other words make the most of your membership of our club.

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