Saturday, 1 March 2014

Gardeners' Tips - March 2014

Poinsettias: Euphorbia pulcherrima is actually a winter flowering shrub. Here in Australia it is grown in a special microclimate to prompt colourful bracts fro Christmas. You most probably lovingly received this potted plant during the festive season. It can now be planted out into the garden. Choose a well-drained (when is it not?) sunny location and be aware that the colourful bracts will probably lose their colour quickly but they will return again in winter.

Citrus: If you are thinking of planting a citrus tree, now is the time to start your research on what to plant in Autumn. By planting your citrus in Autumn, roots are allowed time to establish before the Spring growth commences.

If you have trouble with bees taking over your bird nesting boxes use some gaffer tape to seal up the box entrances. Since birds breed seasonally this should fix the problem for when the birds are not using the box - just remember to remove the gaffer tape in time for the nesting birds' return!

Broad beans and sugar snap peas and sweet peas - its time to plant these.

Tomatoes: these can be planted now for picking during winter and early spring (providing it is frost free).

Kick off the new vegie-cropping season with a big clean out by clearing containers and raised beds of spent crops. Place the old potting mix in the compost and scrub out all pots and saucers using hot, soapy water before re-use; top up any raised beds that have been depleted with compost, fresh soil or a mix of both.

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