Sunday, 1 December 2013

President's Message - December 2013

It is with immense pleasure that I write my first message as President of Coffs Harbour Garden Club (CHGC). Thank you for having the confidence to elect such a recent member and novice gardener to this office. As mentioned at the AGM, Pat has indeed left huge shoes to fill and I will be the first to admit that there may be some 'speed humps' along the way for me!

Sincere thanks must go to Pat for her wonderful contribution to our club - not just as President, but also in the many other roles she has dedicated herself to.  Pat has been Zone Co-ordinator, Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Chair for the Competition and Program Committees and volunteer for the Coffs air-side garden maintenance among many, many other roles and functions.  I feel confident that Pat will be generous in her guidance as Vice President. It goes without saying that Pat has been ably and solidly backed up by Myles who has been a tremendous support to her.

Thanks also to those who generously put their hands up for the various jobs that need to be done to ensure that our Club runs effectively.  We have a great team in place, and there is clearly lots of enthusiasm and a strong desire to see that the Club continues to be special.

As we move into 2014, I would encourage everyone to be continually looking for new and interesting things that we might introduce to help make our Club an even better organisation to belong to.  Not all these ideas will become reality, but if we stop looking for them, there’s a strong chance we’ll become less relevant to our community over time. We can rightly be proud of the contribution we are making (and have indeed made), within the Coffs community, but we shouldn’t be tempted to simply rest on our laurels.  Please don’t hesitate to let me or anyone on the executive know if you have an idea that you think might work well for us.

Christmas is fast approaching and I would like to wish all of you, and your families, a safe and joyous time.  Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and happy New Year.         

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