Monday, 28 October 2013

Top Day in Grafton

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A very happy bus-load of folk travelled up the Pacific Highway to take in the sights of the Jacaranda lined streets of Grafton - and what a treat it was, just beautiful. We enjoyed seeing soft blue, mauve/blue, almost purple and white Jacarandas in Grafton and surrounding area.

Mr H.A. Volkers must have had a true love of Jacarandas (or excess seed supply as he was a seed merchant) when he was contracted to plant street trees for the Grafton Council in July 1879.

Mr Volkers was totally instrumental in the supplying and planting of hundreds of Jacaranda trees during the 1880's along the streets of Grafton, the first 60 street trees were planted in Pound Street between Mary and Villiers Streets.

In 1858, sixty-nine inhabitants petitioned for a municipality which was granted and gazetted on 20 Jul 1859 and later Grafton was proclaimed a city in 1885. It would have to be said that the municipal representatives were indeed very progressive in making their new city look very special with the extensive street plantings.

Jacaranda (sp Jacaranda Mimosifolia) may live up to 200 years and originate from South America, predominately from Brazil. They are monsoonal deciduous - loose leaves in the dry, end of dry they flower, fruit and then come into leaf. They are best not pruned as they send up vertical regrowth shoots which are not at all that attractive.
taken on the bridge from the bus - dodging the trucks!

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