Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Quota International of Coffs Harbour Women of Achievement Awards

Taken from the Programme: 'Maureen is one of those very special ladies who quietly and competently accomplish many things. The Coffs Harbour Garden Club is indeedf fortunate to have had Maureen as their secretary for the past 5 years. Years she has committed to diligently carrying out her role whilst gaining the respect and admiration of the members with her unfailing good humour and friendship. Always on hand to respond cheerfully and willingly to every request, Maureen has invariably supported the Garden Club's community involvement and her sympathetic and caring approach is appreciated by all. She has a wicked sense of humour and often has little contributions to make at the meetings to give members a chuckle or food for thought. She is absolutely invaluable in the club.'

Congratulations Maureen!

The keynote speaker was Professor Colleen Cartwright PhD (UQ), MPH (UQ), B Soc Wk (Hons) (UQ), ADA (Drama) (NRCAE)

Professor Cartwright is Foundation Professor of Aged Services and Director of the ASLaRC Aged Services Unit at Southern Cross University. 

Advance Care Planning - What is it & why is it important? This was the question put to the room from Professor Colleen Cartwright - there were not a lot of answers given however, she soon enlightened the guests just what this is all about. She is an advocate for planning for our own eventual death. Primarily she was stressing the difference between An Enduring Power of Attorney and Guardianship. It is paramount, according to Professor Cartwright to be 'empowered' and 'informed'  on ethical and legal issues relating to care at the end of life, including pain relief as a human right, advance care planning, informed consent and capacity so that we make it explicitly clear just what our wishes are.

A very thought provoking talk and one that is hoped will impel us into doing something proactive about this subject!

A quote from Professor Cartwright 'You can't turn the clock back but you can wind it forward'.

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