Sunday, 19 May 2013

18 May Meeting with Guest Speaker Gwyn Clarke

Guest Speaker Gwyn Clarke was very informative. Her illustrated Australian native plants talk gave our membership many different examples of what can be grown in our region. Gwyn has been very successful in her plant selection for her property which is located on a sandstone ridge around 20 kms out of Nana Glen. A real change from her previous location on the slopes of a 700m Mt Painter in the ACT! Gwyn and her husband, Geoff have successfully expanded the endemic regions of some species found growing naturally on their virgin block of land; some of which were thought not to grown so far north.

Gwyn certainly knows her subject, both her and Geoff have received an Award in 2001 from the Australian Native Plants Society of Australia. This award was established in 1983 and is presented to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the knowledge of Australian plants. Since 1987 this Award has been made in both professional and amateur categories - Gwyn and Geoff received theirs in the amateur category.

Once again an excellent choice of Guest Speaker at a meeting.



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