Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Club Positions

At our recent AGM the following positions were filled by:

President - Pat Roser
Vice President - Anne Moon
Secretary - Maureen Stokes
Treasurer - Simon Young
Garden Competition Committee - Margaret Crawley, Ray Chippington, Peter Kimber, Simon Young, Trish Welsh, Jane Durler and Maria Bell
Publicity Officer - Annie Stewart
Catering Officers - Margaret Crawley, Jeannine Young
Hospitality/Attendance Book - Irene Garton, Margaret Radford
Competition Table Judges - Ray Chippington, Helen Kayser
Stewards for Competition Table/Trading Table - Jenny & Alf Klinkby
Airport Garden Co-ordinator - Peter Kimber
Programme Committee - Maureen Stokes, John Clarke, Trish Welsh and Maria Bell
Setting up and Packing up - John Clarke, Gavin Reed, Peter Kimber, Jenny & Alf Klinkby
Washing and Drying up - Annette Gardner, Gill Goatcher, Jim Wasley, Helen Kayser & Gwen Clarke
Show delegate - Peter Kimber
Newsletter  - John Clarke
Gardener's Diary - Donald McKetin
Plant of the Month - Gavin Reed
Raffles - Peter Kimber
Birthday Book - Annie Stewart & Helen Kayser
Webmaster - Maria Bell
Public Officer - Ray Chippington
Patrons - Julie and Paul Worland

Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back those who have put their hands up again for a position. The coming year should be a huge success with such a terrific team!

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