Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Boambee Waters

New member Anne's idea of picnic ware !

We had a terrific get-together yesterday, shared with a terrific crew. Lots of news and views around the tables at the Joan Weller Shelter at Boambee Waters Reserve. As evidenced from the image above, new member Ann has some style, with a beautifully set table and her idea of the essential picnic salad bowl.

As Fiona and Arthur are moving to the Tweed region we said our farewells to them both at our gathering. We wished them every happiness and much joy in their new home. Be prepared with the welcome mat Fiona as your friends from Coffs will be looking for a cuppa when up that way.

Some of the happy throng. Maureen shared some 'lolly' history, which was very interesting and generated lots of conversations and memories. I'm sorry to say Maureen I wasn't one of those people who rolled their Jaffa's down the aisle in the Picture Theatre - they were too expensive to waste like that!

Look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on Sat 16 Feb.

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