Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coffs Show

It would have to be said that the Coffs Harbour Show Society put on a splendid event 11-13 May 2012. The typical autumn weather, including a spectacular storm on Saturday evening, fantastic. There were lots of happy faces to be seen in every corner of the Show Grounds. Well done, as the work involved must have been huge for the volunteers who organised such a wonderful community event.

Section 14 Flowers and Plants had some very pleasing statistics - the cut flower entries were up 18.2%; floral art up 26.7% but unfortunately the children decorative was down 35.7%. I haven't the figures for the pots but will post them when available.

Thank you to the members who assisted and exhibited to make this Show so special. We had some wonderful entries from you with many prizes, over fifty in fact, across many Sections in the Pavilion - flowers and pots, cooking, papercraft, vegetables, jams and preserves so congratulations!

The feedback from our visiting Judge was quite positive, the entries were staged in a very professional manner with excellent quality of exhibits.

Lets continue to support this community event next year by encouraging new exhibitors to contribute.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Talks at the Coffs Show

We are very fortunate to have some wonderful people who are going to give some talks at the Coffs Show on Saturday 12 May 2012.

Alease Williams - Introduction to Permaculture
Gwyn Clarke - Australian Native Plants
Anton Sander - Floral Art
Janny Hoy - Flower arranging for the home

Please join us at the Pavilion 10am - 4pm.