Wednesday, 24 January 2018

2017 Competition Table Contributors Recognised

The 2017 Competition Table Results were announced at the Christmas Function. During the year there were hundreds of exhibits tabled at monthly meetings and our resident Cut Flower/Plant judge Margaret Franks really has her work cut out for her at times looking for points of difference.

Consistent contributor and first place winner was awarded to Mary B. who only has a small garden in size but it's brimful of wonderful plants and flowers. She mentioned when receiving her award 'I welcome the opportunity to share my garden with others' through her exhibits at each meeting.

Second place was awarded to Maria B. who seems to come up with a fairly decent rose at each meeting. Also this year she has contributed some Floral Art, it would be excellent if others followed her lead for this category.

Third place was awarded to Phillip L. who benches the most beautiful traditional flowers from his garden - the gladiolus and pentas have been just stunning.

The Random Draw lucky Competition Table winner was Irene Garton who has tabled some pretty flowers and also some pots during the year.

Please visit this link (Competition Table), for information on categories and the process for tabling exhibits at our monthly meetings.

Thank you to all CHGC members who have contributed during 2017. This year there will be only 10 months to impress, so please consider bringing in something at each meeting.

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