Tuesday, 19 September 2017


An iconic tropical tree, the frangipani bears clusters of colourful and usually scented flowers during the warmer months from November to April on the Coffs Coast. The clusters of flowers appear at the end of branches and have a very distinctive fragrance - some more than others. The petals are waxy and the centre of the flower is of a different colour - just like the most common variety which has white flowers with a yellow centre. Most other flowering trees usually bloom for a few days or weeks however, the frangipani flowers look wonderful for months! With flowers ranging from deep crimson to pale pink, white and yellow to orange and seemingly every shade in between there are plenty of varieties to choose from. For more comprehensive detail about the frangipani please  visit this post from January 2017.
There are hundreds to choose from and the following is just a little sample of some beautiful varieties. You can pay serious $$ for some rare frangipani and they are starting to become one of Australia's most popular flowers after roses.

Some Frangipani Favourites:

Black Jack red frangipani
This frangipani has dark foliage and the
flowers are a rich blood red.

Common white frangipani
New flowers emerge light yellow and fade
to a rich cream colour with age and are
highly scented.

Darwin blood red frangipani
The rich crimson colour and unique shape of the
blood red frangipani flowers make a
stunning impact.

Darwin blues frangipani
This is a fairly new frangipani variety and is
scented with lilac to blue petals with
a dark green foliage - one for the collector.

Darwin petite pink frangipani
Petite pink is an evergreen, dwarf frangipani
shrub ideal for hedging and container planting.
Flowers are highly scented with delicate pale
pink to white flowers.

Darwin yellow frangipani
A highly scented flower with a light yellow outer
ridge which turn a deeper yellow toward the centre.

Bali whirl frangipani
This is the world's first double petalled frangipani
and has highly scented flowers and the petals
are bright yellow with white edges (the flowers
have 10 petals).

Little rainbow frangipani
This is a tri-colour frangipani and has scented,
vibrant apricot to orange centred flowers
with white to pink petals.

Tricolour/fruit salad frangipani
This eye catching variety has red and pink
margins a yellow eye with a pink throat.

Pink frangipani
Pink rubra frangipani vary in
colour from pale pinks with a
yellow centre to dark pinks with
an orange centre and the flowers
are highly scented.

Singapore white frangipani
A very popular evergreen frangipani bearing
the much loved white and yellow to orange



  1. I thought these flowers never had the good fragrance but i think my doubt is cleared with your post now. Thanks for the wonderful post.

    1. Not all of them have a fragrance - we have some growing and were very disappointed that they weren't the perfumed ones - might have to plant some that are!