Sunday, 18 September 2016

President's Message - September 2016

President Geoff & Margaret Franks, Schools Vegie Garden Judge
The rain that’s falling as I write this has been really soft and nice for our gardens, although I guess it wasn’t helpful to those people wanting to take a look at the prize winners from the Spring Garden Competition.  Anyway, I’m sure this bit of welcome moisture will go a long way to setting up your gardens very nicely as we move quickly towards the warmer months.   
The September Club meeting means that our Garden Competition has been run and completed for another year and I would like to congratulate everyone who entered, whether you were successful or not. 

Lots of people have contributed mightily to the success of the competition, and I would like to say, on behalf of all Club members, a massive thank you to each and every one of you.

And a big thanks also to our sponsors, who are absolutely critical to the success of the competition, and ultimately to our Club.  And what a great group of sponsors we have.  Would you all please take the time to familiarise yourselves with who they are, and if you come across them, please let them know that we appreciate their support and, of course where it’s appropriate, support them with your business in return.

I mentioned at the last couple of monthly meetings that we need people to continue putting their hand up to help run our Club. 

Please remember that every club depends on its members being active and involved, because without that, there really isn’t a club at all.  Our Club has a long and successful history in Coffs Harbour, but it is self-evident that no-one from our current membership was around when the club was initially formed.  That means successive generations have kept the club alive for some 65 years now, ultimately for our benefit as its current members.  I think that benefit comes with a responsibility on all of us to ensure the current and future gardeners of Coffs Harbour will continue to have the opportunity to join a vibrant, broadly-based community gardening organisation where friendships can be made and gardening expertise shared among like-minded people.

Our AGM is fast approaching, so whether you’ve been around for a while, or are new to the Club, please consider taking on a job for next year, either on the Executive or perhaps one of the committees.  If anyone would like information on any role within the Club, please give me a call on 6656 2429 and I’ll fill you in on what’s involved. 

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