Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Mirid Bugs

Mirid Bugs (Miridae) good or bad bugs?

Now THAT is the question! Mirid bugs can be both - sap suckers or plant feeders, but many are predatory or zoophytophagous.

Mirids have a unique characteristic and this is a special setae (trichobothria) on the middle and hind femora...... yeah we know that, right?

There are other features that isolate these bugs from others:

-  They lack small, simple eyes;
-  Presence of a hind section of the thickened anterior part of 
   the front wing, set off from it by a crease (called cuneus);
-  Two closed cells in the fore wing membrane;
-  Antennae mostly long and thin; and
-  Legs are slender and delicate.

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