Friday, 8 July 2016

It was Engraved Glass and a Vast Garden for us Today!

Today was one of those days that makes us all feel so smug that we live on the Coffs Coast - it was a stunning day and to boot, it was spent with a great group of CHGC members.

Studio 101 at Sandy Beach was where we all met up - there were some folk who gathered at the Botanic Garden for a quick cuppa before heading north but the rest of us live up this way so we all met up at the studio.

Faye Thomson and Member Sue
Faye Thomson is an accomplished Australian artist and glass engraver. Faye has always had an interest in art and design but it wasn't until the 1980's that she discovered her true passion was in engraving glass. 

Anne Dybka, a very well known glass engraver who had a studio at the Rocks in Sydney tutored Faye on the basic mechanics and principles of engraving. 

Being such a skilled craftswoman she has designed and hand engraved stunning unique designs (inspired by Australian flora and fauna) which have been sold both domestically and internationally.

This piece (left) really took the eye of member Gavin because? yes, it was titled 'In the Rainforest' he could even name the species depicted!

Faye works on only quality glass vessels, so mainly uses European glass for her engravings. As all her work is unique each design is signed by her. 

We are just so fortunate to have such a very, very talented person living on our doorstep. Faye reluctantly (because they are so much a part of her), sells her work from her studio in Sandy Beach. A terrific first stop on our outing and thanks for sharing your passion Faye.

On to Peg Wilmott's garden in Woolgoolga - this garden has been Reserve Champion in the CHGC Spring Garden Competition THREE times and Peg has also taken out awards for the over 75 years of age gardener too.

Peg is a true 'green thumb' and her love of plants shines through in this very large town block with a steep slope to the rear.

The front of Peg's home faces to the north so is a very hot space and she has excellently dedicated this area to her succulent and cacti collection (which is vast). 

Due to the height of many trees and shrubs Peg has created micro climates that are just perfect for her many camellias and azaleas.

It doesn't seem to matter when this garden is visited there is always colour that will catch the eye.

This garden is so vast we were all able to wander at whim and not encounter anyone else...... amazing!

Peg is a very generous hostess and looks after the many visitors to her garden - including the birds, which give her much joy. See this wonderful bird feeder construction right.

One of Peg's visitors

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of pots in this garden, to water them all must be a real challenge.
Thanks to the Program Committee for organising the day and my thanks to member Michael Reid who provided the images for this post.

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