Saturday, 14 May 2016

Volunteers Week

This week is Volunteers Week from Wednesday 11 May until Tuesday 17 May 2016.

CHGC volunteer each month at the Coffs Regional Airport maintaining the air-side gardens. This is a fun activity which a small band of members participate in. As we all have other commitments there is a constant ebbing and flowing of folk who turn up the first Wednesday of each month, but the job still gets done.

There are also members who have put their hands up to be on the various committees in the club, as well as during the annual Spring Garden Competition and Coffs Show, and we are exceedingly lucky to have these people to do just that. Many hands etc..... DOES make a difference. We like to think that CHGC 'spreads the love' among the membership in undertaking volunteer hours.

So congratulations people, you are doing a stellar job in volunteering at the Coffs Garden Club.

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