Friday, 20 May 2016

President's Message - May 2016

Gazania bunch on the competition table
As most of you would know, it’s been my wish for quite some time to include more “gardening” into our monthly meetings, and I think we are really starting to get a great template going in that regard.

Last Saturday’s meeting is a case in point, where we again enjoyed Gavin’s presentation on bat plants, even though he wasn’t physically with us to answer questions, and we also enjoyed Jane’s very informative presentation on growing Bougainvillea. As usual, Maria has put both these presentations onto the Club website, so if you need to know more about either of these types of plant, go to and simply scroll down to the particular post and click to open the full presentations. And don’t forget there are also lots of posts about other gardening topics that Maria has put on the website – to find them just go to the search box on the website home page and type in what you’re looking for.

We are also fortunate to have received a very interesting and informative demonstration on the propagation of plants by Paul Sullivan from Coastal Works. I know many of you are already expert propagators, but for those who are not (like me), Paul’s talk was a mine of useful information. So a big thanks to Paul, and to the Program Committee for arranging his talk. I know the    Program Committee has also arranged a number of equally interesting   speakers for our upcoming meetings, which I’m sure everyone is looking   forward to.

And talking of interesting speakers, Paul Dalley, who is the keynote presenter at the 2016 Zone Day Celebration at SW Rocks, is sure to impress. Paul grows eastern Australian native cut flowers on a commercial basis near Kempsey, particularly Christmas Bush, Flannel Flowers, Banksia, Gymea Lily and Christmas Bells. Hopefully our club will have plenty of members going along to hear Paul’s talk and to participate in what promises to be a great day. There’s more detail on the Zone Day in this newsletter, and a full briefing will be provided at the June Club meeting.

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