Thursday, 3 March 2016

Sub-tropical Presentation from Gavin - Firewheel Tree

At the February meeting Gavin gave us a presentation on the Firewheel tree stenocarpus sinuatis.

The Firewheel Tree is a beautiful rainforest tree native to the northern areas of NSW and Queensland from the Bellinger River northwards.

It is grown both for the flowers and the foliage. The flowers are bright red in a spectacular wheel shape, like spokes with knobbly ends.

The flowers are produced inside the crown and seem to glow from within.

The leaves are attractive when the plant is young, being large and deeply lobed, but the mature leaves are smaller and more simple.

In its natural habitat it reaches 30 metres but in the garden it only grows to ten. It is a narrow-growing tree, especially when young but fills out when it matures.

It is not a fast-growing tree but it will thrive with decent water and rich soil. It will flower when it is a few years old but needs full sun to do so. 

It is commonly cultivated and widely used as a street tree.

It is in the Proteacae family and is a type of Silky Oak, being closely related to the Tree Waratah.

A similar species is the Scrub Beefwood which has a hard heavy reddish wood.

Also similar is the Fern Leafed Stenocarpus found in far north Queensland.

Many thanks Gavin for a good presentation again this month on the beautiful Firewheel Tree.

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